Jan 2011
Electricity Transmission
Humber Smartzone Pilot Project
Jan 2011
Mar 2017
National Grid Electricity Transmission
Mark Osborne
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Network Innovation Allowance
Network Monitoring
The project aims to develop and demonstrate a proof of concept to provide flexible enhanced circuit ratings using a combination of wide area monitoring, predictive ratings and dynamic security analysis. The project will combine a number of related innovation work streams, including predictive ratings, wide area monitoring and network automation which together could potentially enhance the network performance without the need for building new capacity.

The initial analysis has demonstrated the feasibility of the concept, the next phase will aim to prove the concept and its applicability on the Electricity Transmission system.

The project aims to develop and demonstrate a solution which coordinates the use of various dynamic and wide area monitoring techniques:

  • Tools which measure, monitors and predicts the thermal capacity in a circuit.

  • Develop an application to estimate the thermal capacity margin in the region on a real time and predictive basis (24hrs or more).

  • Advisory system to coordinate plant and equipment maximising the utilisation of the network without having to install new circuits or conductors.

A number of devices including phasor measurement units (PMU) and dynamic circuit monitoring systems will be installed to provide network data. Weather forecasting and network analysis will be combined with the field data to develop a control algorithm which will optimise circuit ratings using available systems and manage the power flow within the region using power flow controllers (QBs) and generator governor controls to manage power input and output.

The Smartzone project is a staged programme which commenced in 2011 and completes in 2017. The pilot will be located in the Humber Estuary where there will be a concentration of conventional & renewable generation to challenge the Connect & Manage regime.

To trial and monitor the performance of a wide area monitoring system, that enables National Grid to temporarily increase the quantity of power that can be safely and reliably transmitted through the existing network of circuits in a group. The method coordinates asset performance with network awareness and monitoring to optimize the thermal capacity of circuits. This will be particularly beneficial for periods coincident with high volumes of wind generation on the network.

The output of the project will be deemed successful when National Grid has assessed the viability of the concept through a proof of concept demonstration, and assessed the performance in parallel with the existing control measures.

Interim criteria to measure success is as follows:

  • Source and install sensors,

  • Test platform to proveand exercise capacity enhancement tools,

  • Produce specifications and procedures for implementation.