Apr 2012
Electricity Transmission
Seconomics - Digital Risk and Cyber Security
Apr 2012
Apr 2015
National Grid Electricity System Operator and National Grid Electricity Transmission
Steve Collins
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Network Innovation Allowance
Comms & IT, System Security, Electricity Transmission Networks and Cyber Security
A number of different regulatory frameworks could be adopted. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. National Grid, being a regulated entity, has significant experience of the regulatory frameworks to which it is subject. From this, the key areas of interest are:

  • To assess whether the current Critical National Infrastructure regulations adequately and appropriately ensure that National Grid mitigates the risks in the current state; that is,  are the current regulatory frameworks fit for purpose?

  • As National Grid and the energy industry across Europe moves towards the future state, analyse whether the current regulatory frameworks are flexible and adaptable enough to manage these changes;

Which regulatory structures would be better in the current and future states? And can we look at examples elsewhere in the world or in other industries?

The purpose of this work is to provide recommendations to the European Regulators of CNI systems in order to the most appropriate regulatory approach to cyber-security in respect of electricity transmission systems.

  • Overview of GB transmission system requirements related to cyber security.

  • GB Transmission System Threat Assessment and Policy framework background.

  • Economic models and analysis of optimal incentive approaches and schemes; policy white paper; raised awareness in the industry, leading towards consensus.