Apr 2012
Electricity Transmission
Cables with Long Electrical Sections
Apr 2012
Aug 2017
National Grid Electricity Transmission
David Scott
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Network Innovation Allowance
The SVLs are generally installed in public places and are critical to the circuit operation. As a result of this multiple circuits have been placed on enhanced maintenance regimes. These regimes require a major maintenance to be carried on the affected circuits annually opposed to being carried out every 3 years. Long electrical sections are also of interest as several new cable circuits are proposing to be installed with long electrical sections.

The objective of this project are to provide National Grid with the following information; 

An understanding of the steady state and transient performance of cables with long electrical sections. 

An awareness of the failure mechanisms  and life limiting factors of cable sheath voltage limiters (SVLs)

Recommendations for the future of operation and maintenance of cables with long electrical sections

This project is successful if the knowledge is sufficient to give reccomendations for business implementation to improve the SVL cable issue.