Sep 2011
Electricity Transmission
Design of a smart tool for detecting hidden errors in protection setting files
Sep 2011
Jul 2016
National Grid Electricity Transmission
Ray Zhang
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Network Innovation Allowance
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Comms & IT
This project will deliver an intelligent tool (a computer software application or expert system) which can open a setting file (from Alstom Micom Relays) and interoperate the protection functions and settings in the file. A simple power system model will be used by the tool to test the settings and detect any hidden errors by applying various in-zones and out-zone faults on the power system model.

The objectives for this project are to ensure that vulnerability is reduced and reliability is increased through an intelligent tool for detecting hidden errors in setting files to help prevent the re-occurrence of a similar incident to above. 

This project will be successful if we can develop a tool that can identify hidden protection file settings in protection relays. Further success would be to ensure these setting are then changed, however this is outside the scope of the project.