Jul 2012
Electricity Transmission
ThermoMechanical Forces in XLPE Cable
Jul 2012
Jan 2016
National Grid Electricity Transmission
David Moorhouse
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Network Innovation Allowance
This project is addressing an unknown entity in the Thermomechanical forces in XPLE cables. The scope of the project is to test different temperature conditions (that are indicative of that experienced during load variations) by heating the cable and observing the results.


The objective of this project is to be able to provide assurance to National Grid, that cables that experience a higher loading, and therefore run hotter (up to 105 degrees) due to increased loading will not experience any unknown or unexpected mechanical effects and therefore will not have shortened life expectancy or unexpected failures.


This project will be successful if the cables are modelled successfully at operating temperatures agreed with the suppliers. A further success would be if National Grid could implement an increased ratings recommendation based upon this work (this would need to be complemented by other work).

This project will therefore be successful if we increase our level of knowledge on the behavioural aspects of heated cables.