Oct 2008
Electricity Transmission
Long Term Performance of Silicon Based Composite Insulators
Oct 2008
Mar 2014
National Grid Electricity Transmission
David Clutterbuck
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Network Innovation Allowance
Asset Management
National Grid has identified polymeric insulation as a potentially beneficial alterantive to existing insulator materials. The Engineering Strategy Meeting endorsed the introduction of polymeric insulation and further research and development into the aging mechanisms of silicon rubber insulator variants. National Grid policy statements support the use of polymeric insulation and provides a functional specification for units deployed on the electricity transmission network.

The key objective is to advance understanding the aging mechansims for polymeric / composite insulators.

  • Completion of a report of the impact of asymmetrical ageing on insulator performance.

  • Development of a model capable of calculating electrical stress on nsulator structures including asymmerty.

  • Development of a stochastic tool suitable for asset management and investment decisions.

  • Recommendation of a process for composite insulator management for GB TOs