Jul 2011
Electricity Transmission
Wireless Condition Monitoring Sensors with Integrated Diagnostics
Jul 2011
Jul 2014
National Grid Electricity Transmission
Carl Johnstone
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Network Innovation Allowance
Condition Monitoring
The scope of this project is:

  • A low-cost readily distributed diagnostic system architecture suitable for operating wirelessly with a substation.

  • A report detailing the feasibility and expected functionality of fully autonomous wireless sensors deployed in a range of environments when integrates with energy with energy harvesting devices.

  • Capability for integrating the technology within the SAM ‘Smart Asset Management System’ to provide real-time diagnostics (e.g. PD, environmental) to monitoring engineers.

  • A technology demonstrator based upon a low-power partial wireless discharge (PD) detector and diagnostics package that can be used for PD identification.

Condition monitoring plays an increasingly important role in asset management and diagnostics for high-value equipment. New technology and advances in sensing capabilities enable us to understand more about the asset and thus make optimal maintenance decisions (e.g. maintain on condition). Minimising the requirements are the key aspects of the desirable ‘fit and forgot’ functionality. 

This project will be successful if we can improve the knowledge around the condition monitoring area and deliver new functionality on to the electricity transmission network.