Oct 2011
Electricity Transmission
Optimising the operation of an integrated DC link within an AC system (ICase Award)
Oct 2011
Apr 2015
National Grid Electricity System Operator and National Grid Electricity Transmission
David Lenaghan
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Network Innovation Allowance
The general scope of the project is to define how the system should be operated with the introduction of offshore HVDC lines to maximise the exploitation of renewable energy resources, especially wind, and the types and amounts of reserve that are likely to be required.

The objectives of the project include:-

  • Study different scenarios of generation and contingencies in the UK grid to assess the stability of LCC HVDC representing the Western HVDC Link,
  • Study the interaction of different HVDC technologies and potential for coordination between the technologies representing the Deeside area of the UK grid where multiple HVDC links will terminate in close proximity,
  • Study of multiple HVDC infeeds to a simple AC node to assess potential for offshore AC hubs with LCC HVDC.
The success criteria of the project will be four annual reports, to include:

  • First year Report – summary of steady state analyses of power flows for different levels of dispatch on the HVDC link.

  • Second Year Report – development of metrics and analysis environment for study of system stability.

  • Third Year report – report on initial stability assessments.

  • Final Report – including recommendations for operation of HVDC link.