Jan 2013
Electricity Transmission
Impact of extreme events on power production at the scale of a single wind-farm
Jan 2013
Jul 2014
National Grid Electricity System Operator and National Grid Electricity Transmission
David Lenaghan
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Network Innovation Allowance
Environmental, System Security and Resilience
The post doctoral research assistant will be encouraged to examine innovative ways to process the data provided to minimise forecast error. Suggested techniques include calculating rate of change and integrals of parameters in addition to using the explanatory variables directly. It is expected that this work will both improve the accuracy of the wind power predictions as well as improve the expression of the range and degree of uncertainty in forecast values.

The effect of wind shear across a wind farm is of particular interest. The particular behaviour of individual turbines as well as the aggregated power output of the wind farm in relation to small scale and rapidly changing wind phenomena is currently not well understood.

The objective of this project is to develop advanced models that have the capability of forecasting wind power output more accurately.

  • Conference-style paper summarising literary research

  • Deliver Model Code

  • Provide presentation of code results

  • Full project report delivered describing method, approach, findings and areas of interest for future research