Aug 2012
Electricity Transmission
Modelling of Embedded Generation within Distribution Networks and Assessing the Impact
Aug 2012
Aug 2014
National Grid Electricity System Operator and National Grid Electricity Transmission
Djaved Rostom
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Network Innovation Allowance
Low Carbon Generation
The development will establish an understanding of the current practices, analysing their relative efficiencies at modelling DG effects for designing the system as per the SQSS. The analyses will highlight conditions and factors that improve or worsen the above efficiencies. Using the results of these analyses, the project will investigate a number of candidate techniques to determine the nature and magnitude of the impact of distributed generation to transmission demand. The developed technique should be capable of dealing with wide range of DG penetration, concentration and location.
  • A literature review on various assumptions and methodologies adopted for modelling embedded generation in distribution networks for power system planning in the GB system (e.g. P2/6 Standard).

  • Investigation of different methodologies and their effectiveness in modelling the impacts of embedded generators on load profiles at distribution and transmission level.

  • Investigation of contribution factors responsible for large, small and medium mismatches.

  • Development of alternative modelling methodologies, using the identified key contribution factors to

    minimise the mismatches between the modelled and measured results.

  • Testing and validation of the developed modelling methodologies on a wide range of GSPs

  • A report documenting the key findings. 

This project is successful if we improve the understanding of the impact of embedded generation on the demand seen at the transmission level.