Aug 2012
Electricity Transmission
UK-wide wind power: Extreme and Variability
Aug 2012
May 2014
National Grid Electricity System Operator and National Grid Electricity Transmission
David Lenaghan
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Network Innovation Allowance
Low Carbon Generation
The scope of this project is defined by 5 work packages:

  • Work Package 1: Developing metrics

  • Work Package 2: Obtaining and quality controlling data

  • Work Package 3: Validating reanalysis and evaluation of metrics

  • Work Package 4: Scoping for future work

  • Work Package 5: Dissemination

Each of these weather events will cause significant challenges to the safe and secure operation of the national electricity transmission system and it is anticipated that this project will enable analysis to be performed and knowledge gained on the frequency, severity and duration of such events. This knowledge will allow National Grid to begin adapting its business-operating model to ensure extreme scenarios are effectively managed when they occur.

The success criteria for this project include the completion of by 3 specific deliverables: Preliminary report:

  • Initial documentation describing the specific meteorological metrics (“critical wind properties”) associated with extreme power system events, identified and designed in discussion with National Grid

Mid-project report:

  • Update on reanalysis surface wind dataset validation exercise

  • Discussion of preliminary results of “critical wind properties” exercise (identifying the statistics and behaviour of these properties in the reanalysis dataset). This will focus on assessing the statistics of raw meteorological properties (e.g., wind speed) rather than transforming it into energy system properties (e.g., wind power output).

Final report:

  • Results of reanalysis surface wind speed verification exercise (recap)

  • Results of “critical wind properties” exercise, emphasising the nature and interesting features of the three extreme phenomena and their impact on the energy system

  • Identification of aspects for future research