Oct 2016
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Oct 2016
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Network Innovation Allowance
ED - Customer and stakeholder focus
Stakeholder Engagement
Engagement with ENWL customers, GB suppliers with learning applicable to all licensed operators.

Experts: consultation with a range of specialist service organisations and manufacturers of innovative technologies and relevant trade associations.

Customer engagement: research across the full range of ENWL customers: domestic and commercial customers with specific quotas on sub-segments including but not limited to urban, rural, the young (18-24 years) and customers who have made previous contact with their DNO.

Staff engagement: frontline ENWL customer service staff.

Delivering customer interactions in a technologically advanced seamless system manner will only impact on the costs and quality of a system operators operations if the customer responds positively to that interaction.
• To broaden the level of understanding concerning customer service needs and future expectations
• To have a robust measure of anticipated future attitudes, behaviours and needs by customer segment
• To integrate  customer research with existing service provisions and innovative solutions to optimise a customer service approach, enabling a strategy for DNOs to meet the future needs and expectations of its customer base
• To facilitate the creation of bespoke customer service solutions targeted at specific customer groups to meet their unique medium and long term future needs 
• A blueprint for implementing  bespoke customer service solutions incorporating a link to network control systems and data











The project success criteria are:
  • An understanding of current and future customer service needs and how unmet needs might be addressed
  • Identification of a range of innovative solutions that best meet customers increased servicing expectations
  • Reactions to mass customer contact capabilities and identification of the optimal strategy in terms of automation and interactivity
  • An appreciation of the variations in acceptability and applicability of innovative technologies and solutions across key customer segments and groups
  • A customer service blueprint, which incorporates data from existing network control systems, to best meet existing and future needs of specific customer groups and leverage higher levels of customer satisfaction
  • A demonstration of how innovative technologies and solutions can assist DNOs to better plan their customer investment strategy