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Jul 2016
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Network Innovation Allowance
ED - New technologies and commercial evolution
The project will be conducted at a single location and help understand how benefits for a Distribution Network Operator and their customers can be derived from improved energy management.The scope of this project includes the adaption design work required to implement technology from other sectors in a trial site.

This project has 4 primary objectives.
1. A trial installation to assess impact and opportunities for a GB DNO.
2. To determine the capability of the technology to assist in overall energy management.
3. To quantify the impact on metered energy consumption at the trial site.
4. To investigate the impact on timing of energy consumption at the trial site.
Achieving these objectives will support network operators in releasing network capacity for use by customers, particularly in areas of high and increasing demand.

This project will be considered a success upon:
  1. A trial site being identified
  2. The trial site being adapted such that sufficient monitoring and data is available to quantify potential cost and benefits
  3. Production and publication of a report to disseminate the findings.