Feb 2016
Electricity Distribution
Tap Changer Monitoring
Feb 2016
Feb 2020
Electricity North West Limited
Electricity North West Innovation Team
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Network Innovation Allowance
Asset Management, Transformers and Maintenance & Inspection
Previous research carried out under an IFI project into Tap Changer monitoring determines that monitoring is required. The technique used had limitations therefore there is a need to develop a more robust technique/system.

We will work closely with Camlin power to develop and productionise a retrofitable tap changer monitoring system to accurately monitor the tap changer performance. In turn determining the intervention/triggers points.

For this project it is proposed to install this system on 10 x 132kV Tap changers and 30 x 33kV Tap Changers and understand the tap changer performance over a 24 month period to allow seasonal changes to be taken into account.

The project will allow Electricity North West to develop its understanding of the effects of tap changer failure modes and maintenance requirements and to identify the optimum window for monitoring in the life cycle of tap changers.

This project is split into four distinct phases:

Phase 1  is to develop a retrofitable tap changer monitoring system
This phase to be completed by December 2016

Phase 2 is the onsite installation of 40 monitoring systems
This phase to be completed by August 2017

Phase 3 is the continuous data analysis and visualisation of the tap changer condition
This phase to be completed by August 2019.

Phase 4 is the implementation of identified trigger points into company policy and procedures.
This phase to be completed by January 2020

Production and trial of a condition monitor for Tap Changers