Oct 2015
Electricity Distribution
Reliable, low-cost earth fault detection for radial OHL systems
Oct 2015
Oct 2017
Electricity North West Limited
Electricity North West Innovation Team
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Network Innovation Allowance
Prototype overhead line FPI equipment will be installed at approximately 10 sites. Locations will be selected based on a range of factors including performance. The circuit selection will also consider the number of customers, the overall length of overhead line associated with the feeder and considerations towards straightforward installation. Monitoring equipment will need to be installed at the selected sites to gather data to support development of the required algorithms. The FPIs will be integrated via a DNP3 interface into Electricity North West’s existing network management system and will be monitored via Nortech’s iHost system.

• To reduce the time taken to locate faults on rural OHL networks
• To develop a method for reliable detection of earth fault and over-current on OHL networks
• Install overhead line fault passage indicators for overcurrent and earth fault detection using live line techniques
• Develop a method of overhead line FPI installation with minimal commissioning and set-up and without need for shutdown (including location methodology and installation method statement)
• Understand the impact of overhead line FPIs on DNO’s ability to locate faults more quickly and restore supplies to customers more efficiently

  1. Development of a Technical Engineering Specification for overhead line fault passage indicators
  2. Installation and test procedures for overhead line FPIs
  3. Communication to central system (iHost) with NMS compatibility via SCADA
  4. Validation of overhead line FPI performance (reliable communications, earth fault detection, overcurrent detection)