Sep 2015
Electricity Distribution
Sep 2015
Sep 2019
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Network Innovation Allowance
Network Monitoring, High Voltage Technology and Fault Management
The fault location equipment will be installed on approximately 10 – 20 HV networks, monitoring faults across the feeders – the precise numbers will be informed by the costs and the need to obtain data to support development. Networks will be chosen based on length of overhead line, earthing arrangement and network topology. Consideration will also be given to those circuits which have a higher incidence of faults.The fault sensing technologies will be integrated into a central dashboard which will display the results from all of the selected sites.

• To install a range of fault location equipment expected to cover two main techniques ie impedance based and travelling wave.
• To develop preferred methods for the installation of distance to fault systems including both equipment at the primary substation and distributed devices such as sensors on OHLs etc. This will include an assessment of the preferred location of the sensors and where/how precisely these sensors will be connected to the system.
• To compare and contrast the performance of the different techniques and/or different manufacturers against the different network types. The results of these trials will be used to inform specification and engineering policy for the application of HV distance to fault to UK distribution networks.

1. Development of functional specifications for fault location technologies

2. Successful deployment of fault location techniques

3. Specification for the integration of results from trial equipment into a central dashboard

4. Verification of the accuracy of the techniques by confirming the fault location

5. Understanding of how each technique works for the different network types