Jul 2015
Electricity Distribution
Asset Risk Optimisation
Jul 2015
Jul 2017
Electricity North West Limited
Electricity North West Innovation Team
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Network Innovation Allowance
Asset Management
Carry out a trial optimization of the following asset investment programmes for the RIIO-ED1 period;

  • Grid Transformers

  • Distribution HV Switchgear

  • HV Pole (Supports)

  • Underground Link boxes.Using data generated from Electricity North West Limited data sources.

The trial application will be hosted by SEAMS.

The project has the following objectives:

  1. Understand the data requirements to permit the optimization of an existing programme of work
  2. Understand the techniques employed and how they may be customized to meet the industry’s needs.
  3. Vary parameters to understand the relative changes in overall delivery of the regulatory contract
  4. Understand the inputs required for a wider roll out of the technology to all asset groups modelled by CBRM.
  5. Understand the IT technology implications of the models Consider integration of the model to all corporate systems and the cost benefit
  6. Identify potential for optimizing RIIO-ED2 submission so as to maximize benefits for customers whilst optimising investment requirements.


The project success criteria are:

  1. Development and enhancement of knowledge about the inter-dependencies of KPIs and constraints associated with inter-asset modelling and hence permit optimization of programmes of work.

  2. That the project permits the asset intervention programme to be varied in a manner which permits delivery of all KPIs in a more efficient manner.

  3. That the model can be accessed to allow various criteria to be run and optimized by Electricity North West

  4. That the project outputs are scalable and other asset types can be added to the model, based on existing asset data sets