Dec 2020
Gas Distribution
I-0339 - Technical Review - KIWA
Dec 2020
Apr 2021
Lorna Millington – Future Networks Manager
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Network Innovation Allowance
GD - Future of gas
Carbon Emission Reduction Technologies and Gas Distribution Networks
With the challenge of decarbonising heat, opportunities such as hydrogen blending are key to enabling reduction in our carbon emissions in the short term whilst minimising the customer impact. These low impact reductions are key to moving the UK towards its net zero target. 
The technical challenges of blending hydrogen into natural gas are been explored in the Network Innovation Competition project HyDeploy 1 and 2. With the current projects providing the evidence to demonstrate the safety of blends within the network.  
It opens up the wider question when considered alongside the work on 100% hydrogen for heat. Can appliances move between blends and 100% hydrogen, if not why not? 
The development of hydrogen ready boilers is one angle, the deployment of these is not likely to reach large scale until the 2030’s.
The project objective is to review the effect of hydrogen content on UK gas appliances. This will include analysis of the impact of gas blends on a range of areas, identified in the scope.
The work will focus on two areas a technical analysis of the effects of hydrogen concentration on gas appliances.