Dec 2020
Gas Distribution
I-0337 HyNet Operation and Control
Dec 2020
Mar 2021
Damien Hawke – Cadent Lee Davis – Genesis
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Network Innovation Allowance
GD - Future of gas
Gas Distribution Networks
As part of the HyNet project the blue hydrogen will be distributed to predominately heavy industry using a purpose-built hydrogen pipeline. This hydrogen pipeline will connect blue hydrogen production with underground salt cavern storage and will also connect to heavy industry, power generation sites and transport hubs. The hydrogen pipeline will be the central component to enable widespread decarbonisation across a number of sectors in the North West of England and will provide the infrastructure to allow further carbon savings to happen in the near future.
The primary objectives of developing the operating and control philosophy are to (i) provide a firmer basis for the FEED and (ii) improve understanding of system design and operating considerations and interfaces.