May 2020
Gas Distribution
Easy Assist ECV Phase 2
May 2020
Mar 2021
Rebecca Payne
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Network Innovation Allowance
GD - Safety and emergency
Community Schemes and Gas Distribution Networks
Develop a cost effective solution to be retrofitted to the current ECV which will meet all gas regulations & standards. The device will aid customers to switch off their gas supply in case of an emergency. Considerations to installer requirements which could identify the opportunity for gas safe installation or GDN Engineer installation. This phase will deliver heat actuation, Beta prototypes for field trials and design pack manufacturers to deliver the end solution.
To develop a cost effective, mechanical device to be retrofitted to any domestic ECV. This device would turn the ECV 90 degrees, in line with policy & regulation. This would allow customers on the PSR database with restricted movement to operate their ECV in an emergency.

The proposed solution shall aim to provide:

• Low cost installation
• Simple, easy operation & instruction
• Device compatible with domestic ¾ & 1 inch LP ECVs
• Visibly clear indication of ON/OFF
• Reliable & durable
• Retrofitted & mechanical – no impact on current ECV
• Release & re-set mechanism
• Actuated by heat during a fire
• Reduction in Uncontrolled escapes as opportunity to de-classify would be greater.
• Positive impact on prioritisation of workload within the customer centre.
• Customer safety & well-being – ability to make safe and limit confusion as to status of supply
• Engineer safety – property safe when they arrive on site
• CSAT scores – increase in positive scores