Jun 2020
Gas Distribution
No Power Hot Water Phase 2
Jun 2020
Apr 2021
Rebecca Payne – Innovation Project Manager
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Network Innovation Allowance
GD - Safety and emergency
Gas Distribution Networks
GDNs currently have a licence condition to provide fan heaters & hot plates to the most vulnerable customers during a gas outage to stay warm, heat water & food. However, some customers will not be able transfer the hot water to a bowl or sink to be able to wash or clean with. Additional cost to the customer to use alternative power to heat water has also been considered. There are occasions when the electricity is also disrupted so this solution would also resolve the issue for customers during both electricity & gas outages.
The project will be led by National Physics Laboratory (NPL). They have been chosen for their expertise in thermal development, temperature measurements & control.

Key Objectives & Deliverables:
At the end of this phase we will have agreed three design drawings with specifications for each outlined. We will then be able to decide on which we would take forward to prototyping and further testing within the laboratory.
This phase is split into 4 work packages for each technique & has five outputs:
• Technology Investigation & requirements specification report.
• Concept designs & report
• Detailed designs & report
• Engineering drawings & pre-manufacture report
• Final Report & next steps
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