Apr 2020
Gas Distribution
Decision Tool
Apr 2020
Jan 2021
Cadent Innovation Team
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Network Innovation Allowance
GD - Safety and emergency
Gas Distribution Networks
Development of an interactive decision tool to support conversations with customers in vulnerable situations.
To deliver an interactive solution to aid discussion with customers during interruptions and provide the best solutions & advice to meet their needs. The solution will:

·        Be a standalone application
·        Integrate with multiple data feeds
·        Can be updated manually when data is not available
·        Easy to navigate & be user friendly
·        Adhere to GDPR legislation
·        Consider all PSR codes & needs of customers
·        Easily integrated into existing systems
·        Capability to change/add/remove products & services
·        Provide a reporting MI dashboard
·        Provide certainty and restraint for field engineers when             offering products & services
It is anticipated that costs will be avoided in regards to cost of provisions, however the primary benefit of this project is safety for customers in vulnerable situations. Potential to reduce time on site and ensure the right provisions & advice is left with the customer.