Jul 2019
Gas Distribution
Gas Demand Forecast - Phase 3 - Hydrogen
Jul 2019
Oct 2019
Cadent, Northern Gas Networks and SGN
Cadent Innovation Team
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Network Innovation Allowance
GD - Future of gas
Gas Distribution Networks
The project will utilise both desktop based and feedback from each GDN about how they see the take up of hydrogen across their networks.
This will then be developed into an initial high-level picture / ‘storyline’ for each GDN area as to the penetration / volumes of hydrogen in the network we will see, and the likely timing for this.
This scenario should be built up considering:
• Regional differences between the GDNs: the mix of industries at the regional level, the level of current hydrogen activities / trials, and the amount (and type) of renewable generation capacity will influence the deployment of hydrogen differently in each GDN region.
• Timing of uptake of hydrogen: the timing of deployment of hydrogen needs to be realistic – considering the infrastructure changes required, appliance upgrades needed, current activities already taking place in the different regions, the mix of industries across the regions (and timing of switching of these industries to hydrogen).
• Blending versus 100% conversion