Jun 2019
Gas Distribution
Easy Assist ECV
Jun 2019
Jun 2020
Rebecca Payne – Innovation Project Manager
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Network Innovation Allowance
GD - Safety and emergency
Community Schemes and Gas Distribution Networks
Develop a cost-effective solution to be retrofitted to current emergency control valves and which meet all gas regulations & standards. The solution must aid customers to switch off their gas supply in case of an emergency. The solution should also identify opportunities for public self-installation, gas safe engineer installation or gas network operator engineer installation. This development will deliver prototypes for yard trial testing and before a further phase to field trial the final solution.
To develop a cost effective, mechanical device to be retrofitted to any domestic ECV. This device would turn the ECV 90 degrees, in line with policy & regulation. This would allow customers on the PSR database with restricted movement to operate their ECV in an emergency.

The proposed solution shall aim to provide:

• Installation in less than 10 minutes
• Installation by public or gas engineer
• No impact to supply during installation
• Simple, easy operation & instruction
• Device compatible with all domestic ECVs
• Visibly clear indication of ON/OFF
• Reliable & durable for the life of the ECV
• Retrofitted & mechanical – no impact on current ECV
• Release & re-set mechanism
• Enable customers to easily isolate supply and reduce 1-hour response time to 2 hours
• Customer safety & well-being – ability to make safe and limit confusion with the status of the supply
• Engineer and public safety – property safe when they arrive on site
• Reduction in the number of customer complaints about being able to isolate their supply