May 2019
Gas Distribution
Long Term Asset Reliability Study for Hydrogen Blended Gas
May 2019
Mar 2021
Cadent Innovation Team
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Network Innovation Allowance
GD - Future of gas
Low Carbon Generation
The real-world long-term reliability of network and domestic assets when distributing, or fuelled by, hydrogen blended natural gas, cannot easily be explored in a short-term laboratory experiments. This project is therefore needed to design and install equipment to operate on a network operating with blended gas, which will allow long-term reliability to be explored in both a domestic and network context.
This work will culminate in the development of dissemination material to inform boiler OEMs and in development of network model to be ‘blend ready’.

The work will seek to:
• Inform the domestic boiler supply chain of focus areas to facilitate widespread adoption of hydrogen blending,
• Stimulate the boiler market to drive innovation,
• Inform network models of any expected ‘blending effects’ to ensure they are fit-for-purpose.