Nov 2018
Gas Distribution
PPE Fabric Discovery
Nov 2018
Jan 2019
Cadent Innovation Team
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Network Innovation Allowance
GD - Safety and emergency
Health and Safety
Research to be undertaken by material engineer from the MTC to look at the use of PPE within Cadent Operations, understand wear ability and the practical needs put on the material. Deep dive approach into other sectors use of PPE and engagement with suppliers & manufacturers of PPE & fire retardant fabrics in order to determine suitability against applications and safety. Considerations against commercial costs and availability.
The project will be led by Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC). They have been chosen for their expertise in material engineering and solid understanding of the gas industry.

The project will follow our standard change management approach through to research. This research will be shared with the current supplier of PPE to make informed improvements to our equipment.

Detailed deliverables:
Stage 1 – Engagement with Cadent to agree scope of project.
Stage 2 - Investigate current fire-retardant fabrics in the Market and from other sectors. Provide samples & produce matrix
Stage 3 – Field Visits – understand use of PPE & parameters of current fabric
Stage 4 – Workshop – End of project presentation & to understand next steps