Oct 2018
Gas Distribution
Alternative Preheat Solutions
Oct 2018
Jul 2019
Cadent Innovation Team
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Network Innovation Allowance
GD - Environment and low carbon
Heat Pumps
The supplier will conduct a technology identification study for methods use by other industries that could be quickly developed and demonstrated for a range of preheating scenarios on the Cadent network.
• Identify CADENT's current preheating scenarios and the requirements for each.
• Review documentation from CADENT on preheating systems trialled to date.
• Review NIA documentation on preheat systems trialled to date.
• Research of available heating solutions in other industries — identify concepts that might be applicable to preheating at Cadent network.
• Prioritise preferred solutions for each preheating scenario for further development and, identify any gaps in a solution matrix.
• Plan for progressing further development of each preferred solution.