Jul 2018
Gas Distribution
In Pipe Drone Feasibility
Jul 2018
Apr 2019
Vishal Dhanji - Cadent Project Manager
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Network Innovation Allowance
GD - Reliability and maintenance
Gas Distribution Networks
Cadent are seeking to undertake a programme of work to identify solutions or technologies that can be used to map the network or pipes without the need for significant operator intervention, and act as a technology platform to enable rapid inspection internally in future operations.
The focus of the work will be untethered devices such as, but not limited to, drones and will evaluate all appropriate existing and available technologies, and identify any possible solutions to take forward for future development.
This project aims to identify solutions for further development to inspect and map Cadent’s gas network without the need for significant operator intervention or the addition of frequent service ports on the network. The identified solution will focus on untethered devices which will include, but not be limited to, drones. If a solution can be identified, and further developed, Cadent will be able to realise significant improvements in time, efficiency and cost for inspection activities as well as improvement in future asset management models.
This project can provide future savings if the proposed solution is further developed through significant enhancement of current inspection activities, providing a method for inspection which could lead to improvements in time, efficiency and cost as well as reduced disruption for customers. The platform will also provide a future improvement in Cadent’s Asset Management methodologies through the ability to easily and quickly map assets on the network