Jul 2018
Gas Distribution
Smart Tester – MP applications
Jul 2018
Oct 2019
Cadent Innovation Team
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Network Innovation Allowance
GD - Mains Replacement
Gas Distribution Networks
This project will build on the previous NIA project collaboration between WWU and SVI that produced the LP service version of this system and process. Various technical, hardware and software alterations are required to support the increased pressure range of the equipment and the consequent increase in tolerances and accuracy required, these alterations and developed technology will then be used to demonstrate that test times can safely be reduced.
The aim of the project is to significantly and safely reduce test time of MP mains pre-commissioning tests to the safest lower limit and by building and testing a smart pressure sensing device, which will be used in conjunction with existing standard compressor units and the current testing methodology. The development will also updates the associated back office system from the previous WWU project that will allow accurate measurement, display, reporting, storage and relevant sharing of medium pressure mains tests data across initially the Cadent gas distribution network.