Feb 2018
Gas Distribution
BioSNG City Conversion
Feb 2018
Nov 2018
Cadent and SGN
Cadent Innovation Team, Angus McIntosh (SGN), Ian Marshall (WWU)
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Network Innovation Allowance
GD - Future of gas
Carbon Emission Reduction Technologies
A number of new low carbon technologies such as anaerobic digestion, BioSNG and hydrogen blending are being developed to contribute to the decarbonisation of heat.  Recent work by KPMG[1] has shown that the evolution of the gas network through the use of these green gases is more practical and has lower costs than alternative pathways.  However, these new technologies require a paradigm shift in the supply of gas into the network from a few, very large scale inputs to a large number of distributed small inputs.

To assess the feasibility of the complete conversion of two UK cities to green gas. 
To define the overall costs, carbon emissions reduction, impact on consumers and regulatory aspects of the change.