Feb 2018
Gas Distribution
Assessment and Creation of Novel PE Pipe Repair Systems
Feb 2018
May 2020
Cadent and SGN
Cadent Innovation Team, SGN lead – Alex Stewart
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Network Innovation Allowance
GD - Repair
Gas Distribution Networks
Task 1 – Initial acceptance testing:
For each of the repair techniques, it will be necessary to identify any potential benefits the technique can offer over conventional systems,
to assess any potential limitations of use in terms of site application and conditions, repair geometry and pressure containment capability,
and to identify any perceived gaps.
Task 2 – Initial field trials of potential PE pipe repair systems:
A series of field trials of the most promising systems identified. The first part of Task 2 will be to develop the appropriate G23 (field trial
procedure) to enable use of the various repair systems on the low pressure gas distribution network. There will also be a need to select a
number of field trial sites. It is suggested that 4 techniques should be selected to cover the variety of potential systems currently available
(5 applications of each of the 4 technique types). The installed repairs will be monitored over a period of time, initially 3-6 months is
Task 3 – Creation of training material:
Rosen will develop and provide more operational guidance within Gas Distribution Networks. Rosen will develop initial briefing material,
probably in the form of an engineering bulletin, to inform network Operations Staff of the potential for use of these techniques. A briefing
document will be developed and circulated to potential repair system providers by Rosen. Rosen will also provide an initial outline draft of
procedures for the new repair methods. Rosen will provide support for the Gas Distribution Network’s in gaining industry wide approval for
the finalised technical specification for methods of repairing leaking PE systems.
To develop, approve and deliver potential permanent PE pipe repair systems for use within the GDN’s – this Project focuses on the initial acceptance testing and field use of several of these repair systems.