Apr 2018
Gas Distribution
Multi-Occupancy Building Cured In Place Lining (NuFlow): Further Development of Technology for Gas Distribution Riser Systems
Apr 2018
Apr 2020
Hilary Buxton – Project Sponsor Declan Robinson - Senior User Project suppliers, Simon Daniels – Rosen Andrew Newton – Portfolio Manager Ashley Horn – Project Manager
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Network Innovation Allowance
GD - Repair
Gas Distribution Networks
The objective of the project is to provide technical and operational assurance in areas relating to long term performance properties of the NuLine product. And subject to Network policy approval achieve permanent status of the NuLine product. This will be achieved by Rosen completing all required testing for approval of permanent status of the NuLine product identified by Rosen.
The testing proposed has been recommended by Rosen for Cadent following the review of the GIS and completing a gap analysis to identify the testing requirements.
These are: 
Long term assessment and assurance of the NuLine system including a test report detailing compliance with clause 3.7.5 of the draft GIS for polymeric pipe lining system in the following areas-
Long term tensile failure strength - resin material property
Chemical resistance – resin material property
Long term leak sealing performance – Lined joints and hole spanning