Oct 2017
Gas Distribution
CIPP for Services
Oct 2017
Jul 2018
Christine Gunter - Cadent Project Manager
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Network Innovation Allowance
Gas Distribution Networks
The UK gas sector is undertaking a major replacement programme of ferrous mains to reduce the risk of leakage and mains breaks. To achieve the mains renewal target within the current RIIO-GD1 period, it is estimated that 2,000 km of service pipe will also need to be replaced by Cadent.

Currently, only plastic polyethylene (PE) or steel pipes are allowed as permanent replacement solutions. In many cases the CIPP technologies can be less expensive and less disruptive and provide better capacity than standard replacement methods. As such, the gas industry is considering the potential to deliver cost savings and reduce social and environmental disruption through the use of these technologies. Lining technologies are also often more practical, especially in congested urban environments where they have a smaller site ‘footprint’ and typically a faster installation rate than conventional techniques.

The ideal solution would offer a fully structural replacement back to original meter position therefore leading to less re-sited meters

The objective of this project is to assess the market for potential products to progress to a future manufacture and testing phase and to assess the viability of utilising CIPP technology as a replacement for small diameter pipes (3/4” to 3”).

  • Published draft performance specifications for the gas sector on small diameter CIPP.

  • Delivery of a CIPP for services risk assessment framework to guide future comparative analysis of safety and operational risk between CIPP and standard techniques for pipeline replacement, agreed by all project stakeholders.

  • Delivery of a best practice guide including how, when and where CIPP can be an economically advantageous alternative to standard replacement techniques, working in collaboration with Sean Kelly of TRIIO.

  • Shortlist of candidate products for a future testing/evaluation phase (where applicable).