Oct 2017
Gas Distribution
Phased Array Cable Avoidance
Oct 2017
Apr 2018
Cadent Project Manager – Eithne Allen Cadent Technical Lead – Phil Hunter Cadent Project Sponsor – Neil Bethell
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Network Innovation Allowance
Gas Distribution Networks
The building of a small array with the objective of detecting and discriminating difficult to detect pot ended cables at a minimum depth of 500mm.

Stage 2 consists of:

  • System Design
  • Mechanical Design of a 5 element array
  • Electronics Design, printed circuit board layout and small scale manufacture of 2 units
  • Embedded software design and testing to excite the array and transfer captured data to a PC for analysis
  • Creation of summary report on findings and next steps
  • Key outputs include interim and final presentations to report on Stage 2 findings and feasibility, including supporting documents and test pieces.

The objective of this Project is to determine the technical feasibility of the concept as a means of detecting and discriminating “difficult to detect” utilities at a depth of at least 500mm.

Laboratory tests successfully demonstrating that the 5 phased array can both detect and discriminate difficult to detect utilities at a minimum depth of 500mm