Jan 2018
Gas Distribution
Management of Brittle Plastic Materials
Jan 2018
Mar 2020
Cadent Innovation Team
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Network Innovation Allowance
Gas Distribution Networks
The scope of this project is concentrated on the non-standard polymer materials (brittle plastics).

The scope of the planning phase is to define the extent of potential issues that NSM’s cause within the gas distribution network.

The scope of the delivery phase is to validate the appropriate tools and techniques through initial laboratory and yard testing, followed by limited and extended field trials.

The main objective of this project will be the development of a number of appropriate tools and techniques that can be utilised when leaks from NSM’s are discovered, leading to a reduction in customer disruption due to less time off gas, smaller excavations and there no longer being  a requirement to cut out and replace.

The success criteria for the Project are the deliverables below (limited to NSMs identified in Project Proposal):

1. Analysis of the performance of NSM’s – Data extraction, configuration and analysis. Report summarising the main findings from the data analysis.

2. Development of initial operational guidance – Initial guidance documents to help operators to identify brittle plastic materials in the field and to help decide on the most appropriate repair type.

3. Phase 1 report and definition of Phase 2 sub-projects – Report summarising the main findings from the data analysis and initial product assessments. Definitions and scopes of work for Phase 2 sub-projects for agreement with Cadent.

4. Limited acceptance, lab performance testing – Report summarising the main findings from the initial performance assessment of the products

5. Limited acceptance, yard testing and long term testing – Report summarising main findings from the yard testing and performance assessment of the selected products.

6. Full acceptance, limited field testing – Report summarising the main findings from the limited field trials and associated testing of the selected products.

7. Full acceptance, extended field testing – Report summarising the main findings from the extended field trials of the selected products.

8. Finalise procedure documents – Completed versions of the G/23 and the performance specifications

9. Guidance – Provision of a short training DVD and associated written materials