Jul 2017
Gas Distribution
Deployment of Resin-based Pipe Replacement in Services
Jul 2017
Jan 2018
Cadent: Programme Manager - Brian Tilley; Project Manager – Satwant Sarkaria
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Network Innovation Allowance
Gas Distribution Networks
It is envisaged that the overall proposed work will comprise three phases: ‘Understand’, where the current challenges are comprehensively reviewed and a solution specification agreed. Thereafter, further phases – ‘Create’, in which existing approaches would be refined to benefit from cross-industry expertise or new approaches identified; and ‘Prototype & Validate’, in which short-listed solutions would be developed to a level which permits an assessment of feasibility to be made – would be undertaken. It should be noted that this document seeks approval for the ‘Understand’ phase only.

Within the ‘Understand’ phase of this work, three key work packages are envisaged:

  • Status of the current methodology
  • ‘Fundamental Engineering and Physics Review’
  • Solution requirement and specification.
Noting that this project is the first of three proposed phases which are collectively intended to identify and confirm the feasibility of solutions which will facilitate completion of Cadent’s resin-based pipe replacement programme, a report will be produced by Steer Energy, and approved by Cadent, to include the following key deliverables:

  • Overview of current methodology

  • Work carried out as part of the physics and engineering review

  • Solution requirements

  • Solution specification

  • Recommended ways forward.

Upon successful completion of this phase, Cadent will then determine whether to continue with the further two phases of the overall proposal – ‘Create’ and ‘Prototype & Validate’ – as described above.