Jul 2017
Gas Distribution
Remote Asset Vibration Monitoring
Jul 2017
Oct 2017
Eithne Allen
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Network Innovation Allowance
Gas Distribution Networks
This research project will identify suitable technologies to monitor vibration at key operational sites (e.g. critical offtakes). These technologies could enable real time monitoring and potentially predictive capabilities. A future phase would be required to trial the effectiveness of the selected technologies identified within this project.

Currently there is no real time monitoring of vibration and its effects or predictive analytics.

Establish an effective vibration monitoring system on key assets that cover the full range of operational conditions:


  • Identified range of suitable equipment ready to trial on selected sites.
  • Design a scalable system architecture to allow data collection analysis and visualisation
  • Establish cost benefit model for installation of vibration monitoring systems across all suitable assets
  • Identified a suitable range of equipment compatible with a range of pipework architecture

  • Scalable cost efficient model identified

  • Compliant (gas industry standards) and scalable system architecture to support data collection analysis and visualisation