Jun 2017
Gas Distribution
Resin-based Gas Distribution Pipe Replacement
Jun 2017
Dec 2017
Cadent: Programme Manager - Brian Tilley; Project Manager – Satwant Sarkaria
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Network Innovation Allowance
Gas Distribution Networks
The project will be split into three distinct areas: Service pipe development; mains pipe development; and connectivity to other parts of the gas distribution network. These will go towards solving highlighted issues in the current PRISM and BAE processes. The areas of investigation and development will be broad with sound solutions being brought forward as project deliverables.

Service pipe development:

o              Investigate BAE improvements and alternative resin deposition methods

o              Investigate service to mains connections

o              Identify in-process inspection methods for service pipes

             Mains pipe development:

o              Investigate joint filling methods

o              Investigate PRISM pipe to PE pipe connections

o              Identify in process inspection methods for main pipes

Satisfactory evidence that conceptual solutions have been identified and modelled (with physical proofs of concept developed where appropriate) to enable such solutions to be taken forward into the broader, ongoing, PRISM/BAE programme of work, leading to a technically, commercially, and operationally viable pipe replacement system.

The MTC will produce specific deliverables, for review and approval by Cadent, to include 3D CAD models supported by existing technologies to illustrate the concepts put forward.