May 2017
Gas Distribution
Connections Forecasting Feasibility Study
May 2017
Jul 2017
Nicholas Cannon – Project Manager Stuart Easterbrook – Project Sponsor Darren Marcus – Technical Lead Yanguo Jing & Rahat Iqbal – Supplier – Coventry University
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Network Innovation Allowance
Gas Distribution Networks
The Scope of this Project is all UK industry connections, non-standard connections, alterations and disconnections. This includes connections made by UIPs and IGTs.

The Objective of this Project is to determine whether it is feasible to create a forecasting model for future UK connections demand. If we can’t deliver this model, why is it not feasible? If we can, Coventry University is tasked with creating an accurate forecasting model that meets all of the desired criteria set out in the Project brief.

A categorical analysis of whether we can accurately forecast Connection demands for a future period of 7 year

If we can, Coventry University, as our partner, must develop a forecasting model that incorporates all requested variables as well as accurately predicting the role we, as a business, will have to play as the Connections market continues to develop.