Mar 2017
Gas Distribution
Impact of Biomethane on Gas Networks.
Mar 2017
Nov 2017
National Grid Gas Distribution, Cadent, Northern Gas Networks, SGN and Wales and West Utilities
Scotia Gas Networks (SGN) Northern Gas Networks (NGN) Cadent (CA) Wales & West Utilities (WWU)
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Network Innovation Allowance
Gas Distribution Networks
  • Synthesis of biomethane quality data collected by different gas operators and of their feedbacks about problems linked to this quality (sources: gas operators and scientific studies).

  • Risk Assessment on the grid and storage installations: corrosion conditions within networks.

  • Risk Assessment on grid and storage installations and the end users: Siloxanes

  • Identification of gaps and the definition of the tests to be conducted in phase 2 (and the associated budgets)

  • The impact of biomethane from ALL sources will be included in the project; all known biomethane feedstocks and bio-SNG.

  • The impact of biomethane on all pressure tiers found in distribution networks will be considered
  • To offer the conditions to allow for the safe development and competitive position for the biomethane industry on the market.
  • To learn from existing experience, feedbacks and data within the biomethane industry.
  • To support the development of the biomethane supply chain.
  • To reduce the costs of gathering and analysing information through collaboration.
  • To anticipate the effect/risks of future changes (a) if new substrates are used (less energy crops and more waste products) (b) if biogas receives less treatment and subsequently contains more trace compounds.
  • To anticipate the risks concerning the use of different materials (gas grid and end users).
  • To prepare the phase 2 tests and ensure these tests capture all gas operators/risks.
  • Sharing knowledge on biomethane quality impacts

  • Studying the real impact of biomethane quality on the gas chain.

  • Anticipating potential operational issues for gas operators.

  • Inform the conditions to develop a safe and competitive positioning for biomethane on the market.