Dec 2015
Gas Distribution
The City CNG Project
Dec 2015
Oct 2019
Northern Gas Networks
Dan Sadler (Head of Head of Energy Futures)
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Network Innovation Competition
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The City CNG Project will build the UK’s first scalable compressed natural gas fuelling station for back to depot city based vehicles. It will do so using a novel commercial arrangement to initially fund the high pressure connection and provide a proof of concept business case to enable future private sector investment.
The solution will address the three key objectives of the project:
  • Objective One: provide a 'build it and they will come' proof of concept for UK cities with the ambition of providing the business case for private sector investment in large scale city based CNG stations.
  • Objective Two: The project will explore a novel commercial arrangement for providing HP connections to CNG fuelling stations.
  • Objective Three: Identify and resolve the associated technical complexities for design and build of HP connections associated with this type of infrastructure.