Apr 2017
Gas Distribution
Apr 2017
Mar 2020
National Grid Gas Distribution
Andy Lewis Project Delivery Specialist, Network Innovation (andy.lewis@nationalgrid.com)
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Network Innovation Competition
The project will demonstrate that natural gas containing levels of hydrogen beyond those in the GS(M)R specification can be distributed and utilised safely & efficiently for the first time in a section of the UK distribution network. Successful demonstration has the potential to facilitate 29TWh pa of decarbonised heat in the GB, and more by unlocking extensive hydrogen use.

The UK has committed to substantial carbon savings; heat contributes to a third of its current emissions. Reducing heating carbon intensity via hydrogen over the gas grid provides a customer-focused solution, but is limited by the current tight GS(M)R UK limits.

The project provides a body of practical, referenceable data which is an essential pre-requisite to enable wider deployment of hydrogen and therefore delivery of cost-effective, non-disruptive carbon savings to the customer.