Feb 2013
Electricity Transmission
Lynx Kelvatek LV Switch
IFI 1201
Feb 2013
SP Energy Networks
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Asset Management
The 'Y' type network in Cheshire requires the LV network to be manually managed/switched during 11kV fault isolation and restoration. The LV network has to be disconnected in order that there will be no backfeeds onto the fault while isolationg. It is then reconnected after the 11kV restoration. Care has to be taken so that any stage in the process does not overload the LV network This may involve closing 11kV breakers simultaneously at each end of the fault. Lynx is an electromechanical device that will automatically during the fault conditions.
This project will develop a system that will allow the 11kV network to be sectionalised as on a radial system with the LV network automatically opening and closing depending on the 11kV status thus allowing engineers to focus solely on isolation/restoration. This in turn will improve CML performance.