Apr 2013
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Remote Access to Pole Mounted Auto Reclosers
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Apr 2013
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The Noja Pole Mounted Auto Recloser (PMAR) incorporates a protection module, the MPM, which can be accessed to retrieve active and historical data relating to both protection activity and statistical metering.

This can only be accessed via an RS232 port within the Noja Control Panel that is mounted below the Main Tank, out with the Safety Distance, and above the Anti-climber. Access to this panel requires a specialist skill. It would a business and safety advantage if additional functions of this equipment could be accessed without having to ascend the pole.

The proposal from Nortech suggests that by adding an Envoy module to a Noja, remote access of the data within a Noja would be possible.

Nortech has proved that the ENVOY can talk to the NOJA, but this needs to be proved in an operational situation

The project aims to address the issue of safe and automated remote access to active and historical data from SPENs population of Noja PMAR.

The project will enable circuits to be ranked accordingly to agreed performance indicators e.g. circuits with most trips which could inform operational and maintenance activities.