Mar 2013
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Mar 2013
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High Voltage Technology
The Highly Distributed Power Systems Consortium have developed plans for renewal that will demonstrate a radical vision of a highly distributed energy future that enables all end users to participate in system operation and real time energy markets and thereby more fully exploits the potential of distributed generation and active load resources to deliver a more sustainable and resilient provision of energy for the future.
This Highly Distributed Energy Future (HiDEF) programme researches the essential elements of a decentralised system that could be implemented over the period 2025 & 2050, but at the same time has been structured to support the evidence base relating to key questions of current concern within the stakeholder community and in this way its relevance extends beyond the limits of its decentralised system vision. In concept, the research vision is one of decentralised resources, control and market participation extending to include end users at system extremities.