Feb 2013
Electricity Transmission
IEC 61850 Application in SP Transmission
IFI 0801
Feb 2013
SP Energy Networks
SP Energy Networks Innovation
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Innovation Funding Incentive
Asset Management
Three projects are listed below:

  • Project 1 (IFI 0801-1) – Microsol:

    This proposal is twofold, to develop, test and commission the IEC Protocol on the Microsol Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) to allow us to trial interfacing to two specific devices at two specific locations, namely:

    • Busby 275kV Hathaway fault recorder.

    • Strathaven 400kV operational intertripping relay.

    At Busby 275kV SPEN propose to recover all the Analogue information from the fault recorder, this will allow us not only to present more information to the control engineers in real time, it will eliminate any issues with faulty transducers, faulty resistor scaling and faulty wiring.

  • Project 2 (IFI 0801-2) - University of Manchester and NG:

    This IFI application aims to investigate, quantify and optimise the level of security, dependability and speed in secondary schemes using IEC 61850. This project is strategically aligned with Iberdrola Networks and will provide procurement benefits.

  • Project3 (IFI 081-3) – Hardfibre process bus field trial & RTDS Testing:

    GE Multilin are first to market with IEC61850-9-2 products and the proposal is to undertake a field trial at the new Inverarnan 275kV substation and to perform RTDS testing of the scheme. This will achieve the following objectives:

    Proof that the protection performance of a process bus system is at least equal to conventional schemes To gain experience of the installation, configuration and operation of a process bus system. To measure the time and cost benefits of process bus.

The key objective of this project is to maximise economic and effective utilisation of the transmission asset and network. The deployment of the technology advocated for this IFI project, will allow ongoing substation secondary equipment retrofitting (refurbishment) projects to proceed whilst limiting the duration and frequency of circuit outages, required to facilitate the work.