Feb 2013
Electricity Distribution
BT 21st Century Protection Solutions (BT21CN)
IFI 0712
Feb 2013
SP Energy Networks
SP Energy Networks Innovation
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Comms & IT
The change of BTs network to an IP based system (BT21CN) is posing some significant risks to the performance reliability of the SP-M and SP-D electricity networks. In particular SP-M relies heavily on 3rd Party leased services from BT as the communications for the 33kV network protection in rural areas. The strategy to mitigate the problem has been developed based on the utilisation of a range of communications solutions (fibre, radio, power line carrier in addition to technically/commercially suitable BT services) in a coordinated manner. Whilst this strategy has been agreed in principle, there are several technical challenges associated with several of the solutions.

This project aims to provide the detailed and engineered communications channels that underpin the toolbox of solutions to mitigate the problems associated with BT21CN.

This project aims to access the feasibility of using alternative communications solutions to mitigate the problems associated with BT21CN. Objectives currently under consideration includes:

  • Power Line Carrier (PLC) deployment at 33kV combining protection and SCADA signalling

  • Small development works to facilitate intra substation communications

  • IP based protection signalling mediums and associated security implications

  • Options for alternative communication channels for shared services

  • Implications for the network in no cost effective solutions are realised.