Feb 2013
Electricity Distribution
3rd Party Rise Of Earth Potential (ROEP) Risk Assessment
IFI 0711
Feb 2013
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The development of the so called Stage I for risk assessment of earthing systems, using a new concept of safety limit curves, where standard fault clearance times are used, was achieved under National Grid research project NSETS180 in collaboration with SPEN, and was completed in Autumn 2006.

The Stage I risk assessment enables broad classification of substations into low / high risk categories for Rise of Earth Potential (ROEP). The theoretical studies to develop a Stage II probabilistic based risk assessment, which includes the use of historical operational clearance times, are now under development at Cardiff University.

In this project, it is proposed to conduct pilot studies, which allow initial implementation of the developed Stage I technique at identified key National Grid substations (4 to 5 sites). This will allow a refined quantification of risk in relation to the As Low As Reasonably Practicable (ALARP) levels. In addition, a user friendly procedure will be developed to allow easy and quick assessment of sites. The ultimate purpose of the research is to provide better information to engineers making decisions on investment for earthing reinforcement schemes.