Apr 2013
Electricity Distribution
Radiometric Substation Monitoring
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Apr 2013
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High Voltage Technology
Partial discharge is a phenomena arising as a result of degradation in dielectric strength of insulation. Existing techniques, which are applied within switchgear, are narrow in focus in that they apply to that piece of equipment only. Radiometric techniques have the potential to detect and locate developing discharges across substation sites of many 100s of square metres. Partial discharge is difficult to pin point and existing techniques require close proximity works with the associated safety risks. The radiometric technique is non evasive and has been used with some success mounted on substation buildings and within a test van environment.
This proposal considers the development of a portable detection system which would be located where there was cause for concern and for sufficient period to be confident or otherwise that there was the presence of partial discharge activity.

The radiometric monitoring will be applied to detect potential failures in current transformers, voltage transformers and in particularly XLPE sealing ends. The primary focus being to maximise the safety of the public and staff and take the necessary interventions.