Apr 2013
Electricity Distribution
Lattice Steel Tower Protective Coatings
IFI 0702
Apr 2013
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LV & 11kV Networks
Pending changes in EEC legislation (anticipated date 2010) will prohibit the two coat alkyd paint system used in current practise consequently there is a need to use a safe alternative system.
The development of a prototype single coat epoxy protective coating for lattice steel towers to replace the two coat alkyd paint currently in use. In 2000 SPEN developed and introduced a single coat epoxy coating for lattice towers. However, without the use of appropriate protective clothing and barrier creams there was a small risk of becoming sensitised to the irritants in the paint. Once the applicator becomes sensitised it is unlikely that they will be able to tolerate using epoxy paints in the future. In conjunction with the Epoxy paint manufacturer this project will explore the removal of irritants in the paint system without reducing the protective properties of the coating. Once a prototype has been accepted trials would be undertaken in an acceleration chamber in parallel with field trail application.